Volledig bericht:

(December 17, 2017) Speciale NecoV 'Ecology Across Borders' poster prijs toegekend aan Nikolai Knapp (UFZ, Duitsland) Necov Activity logo At their Congress last week, the EAB societies wished to express their appreciation for scientists that use and promote inter- and trans-disciplinary approaches in science. We wanted to promote the joint involvement and cooperation of more than just the classical ecological disciplines in science (inter); and also involve the non-academic societal environment in science (trans), which can add significant value. At this meeting, we therefore
awarded the scientists that showed the best use of inter- and trans-disciplinary approaches in their work, and demonstrated the value of this approach, through a special Ecology Across Borders Poster Prize.

The people's choice fell on the poster of Nikolai Knapp (UFZ Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research), entitled "Linking LiDAR and forest modeling to assess biomass estimation across scales and distrubance states".

The prize exists of 500€ granted by NecoV, free registration to the forthcoming GfÖ annual meeting in Vienna in September 2018, and free registration to the BES annual meeting in Birmingham in December 2018.