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(October 13, 2017) Joint Meeting BES-GFö-NecoV-EEF: early bird registration deadline approaching quickly Necov Activity logo Early Bird Registration Reminder

Dear colleague,
You will probably be aware of the large international Ecology Congress that will be held in the ICC in Ghent, 11-15 December 2017. It's a joint organisation of the BES (British Ecological Society), the GFö (Gesellschaft für Ökologie), the NecoV (Nederlands-Vlaamse Vereniging voor Ecologie) and the EEF (European Ecological Federation) on "Ecology Across Borders". You'll find all information on: http://www.britishecologicalsociety.org/events/annual-meeting-2017/

Some of you and/or several of your students/colleagues submitted an abstract and were informed already if they are among the lucky people that were selected for a presentation. For the first time in joint annual meeting history we regrettably had to reject some of the submissions, not due to bad quality or so, simply because of a large overload of submissions. In total, there will be approx. 625 oral presentations and 600 poster presentations (13 parallel sessions, 2 poster sessions). Next to that, several workshops are organised , 4 plenary sessions (Iain Couzins, Carlos Herrera, Louise Vet, Sue Hartley) and several special interest group meetings. Delegates that so far registered are from all over the world.

Examples of (preliminary) session titles (some of them with several sessions) are Conservation Science, Frontiers in Agro-ecology, Agricultural Science, Community Ecology, Ecosystem & Functional Ecology, Population Ecology, Global Change Ecology, Behavioural Ecology, Evolutionary Ecology, Soil, Ecology & Plant-Soil Interactions, People & Nature, Ecological Genetics or Molecular Ecology, Species interactions, Invasive species, Microbial Ecology, Rewilding as a contemporary conservation strategy, Macroecology & Biogeography, Theoretical and Computational Ecology, Parasites, Pathogens and Wild Life diseases, Plant-pollinator interactions in the changing Arctic and Montains, Winter Ecology, Eco-evolutionary dynamics in an urbanised world, Environmental and Ecological Metabolomics, E2-Moves: From individual movements to eco-evolutionary consequences/dynamics, Global change and ecosystems: lessons from globally distributed observatories and experiments, Integrating functional traits in interaction networks to predict ecosystem functioning, Linking functional diversity of terrestrial and marine primary producers-the potential of remote sensing, Bridging the resilience of social-ecological systems with natural capital, Frontiers in agro-ecology: multi-trophic trait-based approaches for climate adaptability, The ecology-physiology-life-history nexus: integrating ecophysiology in evolving life history syndromes; Are we any good in simulating ecology? Success and future challenges in ecological simulation models, ...

You're hereby reminded that the early bird registration strict deadline is by the 20st of October, 17h00; hence, you're advised to register asap, and please remind students/colleagues of yours about this deadline. Please note the substantial member-reduction. So, if you are not yet member of one of the societies, please consider to become a member before you register.
As president of NecoV, I of course strongly advise you to become member of NecoV. Presently the membership fee for a new member for 2017 is 0 €, you will be asked to pay a membership fee from 2018 onwards. You can become member through the NecoV-website www.necov.org.

Please also note that the maximum number of delegates will be 1500, as organising committee we are convinced that this maximum number will be reached soon.